BK Horseshoe Belle 241

BK Horseshoe Belle 241
Reg: AAA 17430969

Birth Date: 12/30/2012 Tattoo: 241
1071365 – Horseshoe Ranch, Connell WA
1071365 – Horseshoe Ranch, Connell WA
S A V Final Answer 0035 AAA    #13592905             [AMF-CAF-XF]
Connealy Answer 71 AAA    15832579             [AMF-CAF-XF]
Euro Reeka of Conanga 3539 AAA    15148720             [CAC-AMF-NHF]
Connealy Final Solution AAA    16447791             [AMF-CAF-XF]
Connealy Danny Boy AAA    #13966936             [AMF-CAF-XF]
Este of Conanga 364 AAA    15477929
Esthera of Conanga 842 AAA    14528859             [CAF]
Ankonian Equinox AAA    11927646
BK Equinox 507 AAA    14951510
B&K Lassie 330 AAA    14751786
BK Belle 918 AAA    16594814
A & B Krugerrand 1200 AAA     +13932787
B&K Belle 323 AAA    14697319
Cox Belle Y93-3072 AAA    12132554
# Pathfinder  + Embryo Transplant 

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As of 04/29/2013
Production Maternal
CED Acc BW Acc WW Acc YW Acc RADG Acc YH Acc SC Acc Doc Acc HP Acc CEM Acc Milk Acc MkH MkD MW Acc MH Acc $EN
I+8 .05 I+.8 .05 I+54 .05 I+96 .05 I+7 .05 I+23 .05 -9.91
CW Acc Marb Acc RE Acc Fat Acc Carc Grp Carc Pg Usnd Grp Usnd Pg
$W $F $G $QG $YG $B
+30.96 +38.04

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