BK Ms Blackcap 233

BK Ms Blackcap 233
Reg: AAA 17429172

Birth Date: 12/20/2012 Tattoo: 233
1071365 – Horseshoe Ranch, Connell WA
1071365 – Horseshoe Ranch, Connell WA
Bon View New Design 208 AAA    #13044574             [CAC-AMF-NHF]
Connealy Tobin AAA    15497354             [AMF-NHF]
Delia of Conanga 667 AAA    14843034             [AMC-NHF]
Connealy Confidence 0100 AAA    16761479             [CAF]
Connealy Thunder AAA    #15148659             [AMF-CAF-XF]
Becka Gala of Conanga 8281 AAA    16204725             [CAF]
Becka Lee of Conanga 37 AAA    15148727             [CAF]
S A V 8180 Traveler 004 AAA    #13512009             [AMF-CAF-XF]
B B 004 Traveler 7049 AAA    16068480
B B Lassie 4041 AAA    14751802
BK Ms Blackcap 015 AAA    16876359
S A F Connection AAA    #+13544928             [AMF-CAF-XF]
B B Ms Blackcap 5016 AAA    15099614
B B Blackcap 2541 AAA    14429658
# Pathfinder  + Embryo Transplant 

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As of 04/29/2013
Production Maternal
CED Acc BW Acc WW Acc YW Acc RADG Acc YH Acc SC Acc Doc Acc HP Acc CEM Acc Milk Acc MkH MkD MW Acc MH Acc $EN
I+12 .05 I-.7 .05 I+44 .05 I+86 .05 I+13 .05 I+27 .05 -10.83
CW Acc Marb Acc RE Acc Fat Acc Carc Grp Carc Pg Usnd Grp Usnd Pg
$W $F $G $QG $YG $B
+28.30 +30.71

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