Bulls for Sale

2016 Bulls

Click here for a PDF spreadsheet of the bulls for sale, it is shown in birthweight order: 2016 Bulls for Sale


Meacham Platinum 5009, “The Rock,” is by SAV Platinum 0010 and is out of a BK Equinox 507 cow. Platinum was one of the featured AI stud prospects at the record setting 2011 Schaff Angus Valley Sale in ND.He offered one of the largest spreads for birth ratio to weaning ratio of his entire calf crop. He began with a 77 pound birth weight and weaned at nearly 1000 pounds. A long bodied, deep ribbed bull, he should sire the “keeping kind” of females. 5009’s dam, Meacham Better 935, is a granddaughter of Ankonian Equinox and is out of a daughter of  Genetics By Design 049. 5009 was born on 12/16/15. He has an actual BW of 76 and a weaning weight of 928. $2,500 Click here for pedigree information.

BK CC&7 545 will make a great herd bull, he is by the popular Sydgen C C & 7 and is out of BK Primrose 905. Sydgen C C & 7 was the top-selling bull of the 2006 SydGen Sale where half interest in him sold for $39,000 to Hoover Angus in Iowa, he recorded the top adjusted 205-day weight of the offering at 840 pounds to ratio 119. As the natural calf to the first and only Corona daughter in production at SydGen in 2006, CC & 7 went on to post the top ADG at 3.92 to ratio 124, the top adjusted 365-day weight at 1,467 to ratio 121, and the top adjusted URE measurement at 17.3 sq. in. to ratio 130. C C & 7 is named for his two closest sires, Connection and Corona, and the fact that all 7 females in his three generation pedigree have either served as a SydGen donor or been the dam of a SydGen donor. BK Primrose 905 is by EXAR New Look 2971 and is out of an Ankonian EXT 224 daughter. This is a fantastic cow that produces great calves. He was born 12/23/15 and has a 82 lb BW and a weaning weight of 816. $3,500 Click here for pedigree information.

BK Combination 612 is by 302 is our herd bull by Connealy Combination 0188, son of the Rare and Popular Connealy Consensus make him an Outcross to many. He has a big Time Birth-to-Yearling Spread. He has elite Genomically-enhanced Carcass Predictions. Combination’s dam is out of a Connealy Tobin cow. 302’s dam, 4057 is another phenomenal EXAR Expand 1241 daughter and is out of an Ankonian Right Time OV57 daughter. 612’s dam is by BK Equinox 507, our herd bull by Ankonian Equinox, and she is out of SAF Connection cow. $3,000

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