Heifers for sale


Heifers are $2,000 each if purchased individually or $1,800 each in a group.

BK Horseshoe Eve 928 is by BK Confidence 543, who is a son of Connealy Confidence 0100. 0100 was the high-selling bull from the 2011 Connealy sale and with his 13 for CED, 40 $W and nearly 80 $B, he’s one of the most unique bulls available in the Angus breed. His blend of style, calving ease potential, genomically-enhanced carcass numbers and a Thunder X Bextor dam that’s truly a model Angus female make Confidence deserving of heavy sampling. 928 is out of BK Horseshoe Pride 710 who is a daughter of KM Broken Bow 002. Broken Bow is a bull that is the complete package, he is a bull with high accuracy calving ease and an outstanding overall proof. He is a moderate, heavy muscled and attractive bull, a favorite of all who have seen him. Ranks in the top 10% for Total Profit Index through the Angus Sire Alliance program. 928 was born 3/4/2019.

928 March 2019

902T is a fancy Panda Eyed heifer out of an Angus cow, 233 is a really nice cow by Connealy Confidence 0100 and is out of 015. 902T’s sire is KT 10Y Hometown 704 who is by NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y ET, “10Y,” and out of KT Ms Rusila 315T, “Rus.” KT Ms Rusila 315T is a daughter of BVR Raftsman 028X ET. She is a great cow that the kids showed in 2014.


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