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Pictures from the Angus Preview

I have started going through the Angus Preview pictures. Here is the link: if you have any picture you want to share from the Preview feel free to add them.

Some of our last week in Pictures

Great day @Wheatland today

Yearling Black Hereford Heifer for sale

206TBlack Hereford HeiferSire:  BK Stingray 848 (Angus Bull)Dam: CX 3027 ADVANCE 1050 daughter (Hereford Cow)Date Born: 1/20/22Price: $2,000206T is a Black Hereford heifer calf out of a CX 3027 ADVANCE 1050 daughter and a Connealy Stingray 9618 son. CX 3027 ADVANCE 1050  has a great combination of Calving Ease, phenotype and performance.

Happy Mothers Day

Yearling Black Hereford heifer for sale

205TBlack Hereford HeiferSire:  BK Stingray 848 (Angus Bull)Dam: KT 10Y HOMETOWN 704 daughter (Hereford Cow)Date Born: 1/18/22Price: $2,000205T is a Black Hereford heifer calf out of a KT 10Y HOMETOWN 704 daughter and a Connealy Stingray 9618 son. KT 10Y HOMETOWN 704 has a great combination of Calving Ease, phenotype and performance.

Yearling BK Equinox 904 Daughter for sale

Meacham California 2003Registered Angus HeiferSire: BK Equinox 904Dam: Hoover Dam J43 daughterDate Born: 1/21/22Price: $2,000Click here for more infoHere is another one of Kade’s heifers. She is out of MP Ms California 1, “Katie,” is a cow that Kade bought at the Cattlemen’s sale. She was donated by Mike Paul of Edwall. She was shown at the summer sizzle […]
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 Yearling BK 4289 Basin Yuma 956 Daughter for sale

BK Miss Erica 208Registered Angus HeiferSire: BK 4289 Basin Yuma 956Dam: SAV Raindance 6848 daughterDate Born: 1/11/22Price: $2,000Click here for more infoHere is another fancy heifer out of a SAV Raindance 6848 daughter. Raindance’s progeny have captured the attention of the Angus world and have put him on the fast track to stardom. Raindance offspring are are stunners – […]
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Yearling BK Equinox 904 Daughter

BK Horseshoe Lassie 206Registered Angus HeiferSire: BK Equinox 904Dam: CC&7 daughterDate Born: 1/11/22Price: $2,000Click here for more infoBK Equinox 904 is by Ankonian Equinox, “EQ”, a bull that was owned by BB Cattle Co. EQ was a tremendous bull that consistently produced outstanding heifers and bulls. His daughters were very maternal, had great temperaments, were structurally […]
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Yearling COLEMAN KNIGHT 209 daughter for sale

Meacham Betty 1022Registered Angus HeiferSire: COLEMAN KNIGHT 209Dam: Sitz Great Plains 577T daughterDate Born: 12/20/21Price: $3,000More Info: Click here for more infoHere is a flashy heifer by Coleman Knight 209 and aBK Danny Boy 908 daughter. Knight is as sound a bull as you will find, very easy fleshing, moderate framed, with a big scrotal. He has extremely good feet, […]
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