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Hiding against mom

BK Combination 746

BK Combination 746 by Connealy Combination 0188, son of the Rare and Popular Connealy Consensus make him an Outcross to many. He has a big Time Birth-to-Yearling Spread. He has elite Genomically-enhanced Carcass Predictions. Combination’s dam is out of a Connealy Tobin cow. 746’s dam is BK Lassie 116, a flashy, feminine cow by BK […]
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We missed the bad calving weather by calving in December

BK Breakthrough 742

BK Breakthrough 742 is by Baldridge Breakthrough A091. Breakthrough to a new level of multi-trait excellence. Breakthrough has one of the most complete EPD tabulations in the entire breed, capable of moving your herd forward for every economically relevant trait measured. He is as appealing in the pasture as he is on paper. A masculine, […]
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BK 3065 Spotlight 804

BK 3065 Spotlight 804 is by A&B Spotlite 3065. A&B Spotlite 3065 is an excellent outcross to the Select Sires lineup and to the entire Angus population. His maternal side of pedigree includes respected cowmakers like Wulf’s Ext 6106 and 263C. He has a tremendous genomic profile, respected breeding program and awesome phenotype make him […]
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KR Direct Deposit Son

BK Direct Deposit 811 is by KR Direct Deposit and is out of BK Ms Blackcap 303. Direct Deposit is a moderate framed, stylish Cash son. He’s a moderate birth weight, calving ease sire with a world of performance. He adjusted 862 at weaning and over 1500 at a year. Use him to add muscle […]
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Checking Cows

Toni’s checking pictures

Toni’s Checking Pictures

Sitz Response 405C bull calf

BK Response 850 is by Sitz Response 405C, Response is a powerful Resource son from the dam of Sitz Investment that we expect to add muscle, fore rib and base width. Sort Response in the Angus database for the traits of merit, including his combination of growth, mature weight and height…he is unique! 850’s dam […]
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