Eathington Sub-Zero Son

BK Sub-Zero 043

Sire: Eathington Sub-Zero
Dam: SAV 004 Predominant 4438 daughter
Date Born: 12/08/20
More Info: Click here for more info
Price: 3,000
Here is another heifer bull deluxe, with numbers like -.7 BW EPD and +12 CED. His dam’s sire, Predominant, is acclaimed by many as the best “004” son in the industry! Predominant progeny are moderate framed and muscular. He sires extremely easy fleshing cattle. Predominant offers more carcass merit than most sires in the 004 line. 043’s sire, Sub-Zero, has proven himself as a bet-the-ranch calving ease sire, ranking him among the breed’s elite. He is long-necked, sleek-fronted, deep-flanked with one of the soundest set of feet in our lineup. The terms depth, spring of rib, wide-based and thick are normally not in the description of a calving ease sire, but that is what you will get with Sub-Zero.  Click here for pedgree info.

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