BK 846 Stunner 107

BK 846 Stunner 107 is a bull calf by BK 1676 Stunner 846 and out of BK Susie 539. BK 1676 Stunner 846 is a fancy bull calf by Musgrave 316 Stunner is one of the most elite acquisitions of the spring 2017 sale season, Stunner was praised by many top cattlemen for his outstanding capacity, body dimension and uncompromised structural design. His young dam sports an ideal udder, fantastic production record and is one of the most outstanding cows in the Musgrave program. BK Susie 539 is by S A V Platinum 0010. Platinum was one of the featured AI stud prospects at the record setting 2011 Schaff Angus Valley Sale in ND. He offered one of the largest spreads for birth ratio to weaning ratio of his entire calf crop. He began with a 77 pound birth weight and weaned at nearly 1000 pounds. A long bodied, deep ribbed bull, he should sire the “keeping kind” of females. 539’s dam is an EXAR Expand 1241 daughter. 107 has an actual BW of 70 lbs and was born 1/22/21. EPD Details (angus.org) $2,500