BK 908 Danny Boy 228

Reference Sire

BK 908 Danny Boy 228 is a great younger bull calf by BK Danny Boy 908. Everyone loves their Danny Boy calves. His calves come really light and show excellent growth. They are really sharp and eye appealing with a lot of show potential if that is what you are looking for. As of July 2006 this 7 frame sire had over 1,000 calves with a birth weight ratio of 98 making him a very reliable heifer bull. This calf has an outstanding pedigree, he dam, BK Belle 812, is a daughter of EXAR New Look 2971. New Look is the great young sire out of the dam of EXT leading the way at Express Ranches. Breeders appreciate the extra muscle and rib his calves exhibit. His prolific dam has 46 daughters in 36 herds sharing a 102 nursing ratio. She contributes rib, width and muscle to the “1407” genetics making New Look a very complete bull – low birth, excellent growth, solid carcass potential and great phenotype. 228 has a 71 lb actual BW and a .5 BW EPD. We used this yearling bull on our heifers.

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BK 908 Danny Boy 228
Reg: AAA 17342190

Birth Date: 04/21/2012 Tattoo: 228
1071365 – Horseshoe Ranch, Connell WA
1071365 – Horseshoe Ranch, Connell WA
Connealy Timeline AAA    #13456210             [CAF-M1F]
Connealy Danny Boy AAA    #13966936             [AMF-CAF-XF]
Energy of Conanga 4851 AAA    13180428
BK Danny Boy 908 AAA    16318200
Ankonian Equinox AAA    11927646
B B D H Queen 8041 AAA    13066083
BB DHQ T315 AAA    12436751
Bon View New Design 1407 AAA    #12783540             [AMF-CAF-XF]
EXAR New Look 2971 AAA    #+14230122             [AMF-CAF-XF]
N Bar Primrose 2424 AAA    10474919
BK Belle 812 AAA    16312494
Ankonian Equinox AAA    11927646
B B Belle 0162 AAA    13693497
Cox Belle Y93-3072 AAA    12132554
# Pathfinder  + Embryo Transplant 
As of 04/19/2013
Production Maternal
CED Acc BW Acc WW Acc YW Acc RADG Acc YH Acc SC Acc Doc Acc HP Acc CEM Acc Milk Acc MkH MkD MW Acc MH Acc $EN
+6 .18 +.5 .26 +40 .18 +74 .11 +7 .08 +13 .11 +12.84
CW Acc Marb Acc RE Acc Fat Acc Carc Grp Carc Pg Usnd Grp Usnd Pg
$W $F $G $QG $YG $B
+24.66 +18.76

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