Sitz Great Plains 577T

“Billy the Bongo Bull” is a thick muscled, powerful bull with an outstanding temperament. He was named and claimed by two year old Jaxsen. Billy is by OCC Great Plain 943G. Great Plains looks even better as the accuracy of his data improves. Breeders love the daughters they are finding at Sitz Angus in Montana and at H. D. Dunn & Sons in Idaho. This long-sided 6 frame bull has ultrasound data placing him at the top of the breed for REA while moving into positive territory for IMF. His famous dam is one of the foundation females behind the Ohlde Cattle Co. program. Great Plains is an excellent heifer bull with over 1,600 calves with a 99 birth weight ratio and records 237 daughters in 41 herds with a 101 weaning ratio. Billy’s dam is by Sitz Tradition RPS 8702, Tradition is a high selling bull selected by Vance Uden from the top of the Sitz sale offering. Tradition is long-sided, big hipped and deep quartered, with a tight sheath and large testicles. His calves show excellent growth and bulls are doing well on test. Tradition is backed by a super cow family with one high ratioing cow after another as far as you look. Birth wt. 91 lb., ratio 108; weaning ratio 124; yearling ratio 120. This is a “power bull” out of two super parents.

Reference Sire Only


Sitz Great Plains 577T

Reg: AAA 15636883

Birth Date: 01/26/2007 Tattoo: 577T
Parentage: SNP
517050 – Sitz Angus Farm, Harrison MT
517050 – Sitz Angus Farm, Harrison MT
1071365 – Horseshoe Ranch, Connell WA
1127994 – Bobo Cattle Co, Othello WA
Emulation N Bar 5522 AAA    #10095639
N Bar Emulation EXT AAA    #10776479             [AMF-CAF-XF]
N Bar Primrose 2424 AAA    10474919
O C C Great Plains 943G AAA    #+13092912             [AMF-CAF-XF]
PBC 707 1M F0203 AAA    #8252710
Dixie Erica of C H 1019 AAA    9973782
Dixie Erica of C H 615 AAA    8783516
Vermilion Dateline 7078 AAA    #12810693             [AMF-CAF-XF]
Sitz Tradition RLS 8702 AAA    #14093248
R L S Eisa Evergreen 5018 AAA     +13139883
Sitz Emma E 198R AAA    14942812
Sitz Traveler 9929 AAA    #11208317
Sitz Emma E 3305 AAA    12351139
Sitz Emma E 681 AAA    11533483
# Pathfinder  + Embryo Transplant 
As of 06/17/2013
Production Maternal
CED Acc BW Acc WW Acc YW Acc RADG Acc YH Acc SC Acc Doc Acc HP Acc CEM Acc Milk Acc MkH MkD MW Acc MH Acc $EN
+10 .42 +0 .59 +44 .45 +63 .40 +.43 .51 +1 .32 I+5.9 .05 +11 .19 +18 .23 +11.29
CW Acc Marb Acc RE Acc Fat Acc Carc Grp Carc Pg Usnd Grp Usnd Pg
+19 .20 +.23 .26 +.50 .28 +.025 .24 6 18
$W $F $G $QG $YG $B
+35.67 +5.30 +21.94 +16.09 +5.85 +53.08
EPDs are enhanced by genomic results generated by:

Pepper (shown) and Anna helping pull Billy from the cows.

Pepper (shown) and Anna helping pull Billy from the cows.


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