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BK Kaines Long Shot 145

BK Kaines Long Shot 145BW: 71Sire: HF Long Shot 71DDam: BK Hoover Dam 507 daughterDate Born: 12/07/21Click here for more info.Price: $3500This bull has a bold rib shape, popping profile and free structure, combined with unique depth and capacity. His sire, Long Shot, was a standout in the 2017 Denver for Hamilton Farms and one of the most talked about […]
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New Pictures of BK Entice 133

BK Entice 133BW: 79Sire: MOGCK ENTICEDam: Connealy Confidence 0100 daughterDate Born: 11/30/21Click here for More InfoPrice: $4500Here is a bull that is going to have a wide-based, be long-bodied and have exceptional depth of rib and thickness. He is by MOGCK ENTICE, who offers a very pleasing phenotype in a growth oriented mid six frame score. He does very well […]
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Last Week in Pictures

Another great bull by BK Equinox 904

BK Horseshoe Equinox 204BW: 74Sire: BK Equinox 904Dam:  SAV Thunderbird 9061 daughterDate Born: 1/06/22More Info: For more info click herePrice: 3000204 is a reamarkable bull calf, his sire, BK Equinox 904, is by Ankonian Equinox, “EQ”, a bull that was owned by BB Cattle Co. EQ was a tremendous bull that consistently produced outstanding heifers and bulls. His daughters were very […]
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BK Horseshoe Equinox 169

BK Horseshoe Equinox 169BW: 82Sire: BK Equinox 904Dam:  Musgrave Big Sky daughterDate Born: 12/20/21More Info: For more info click herePrice: 4000This growthy bull calf is out of WCA Wendy 8338, a Musgrave Big Sky daughter. Musgrave Big Sky is a high marbling score genetics from a powerful performance package. With a Calving Ease Direct EPD among the top third of the […]
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BK Horseshoe Equinox 209

BK Horseshoe Equinox 209BW:85Sire: BK Equinox 904Dam:  PF Counsel 643T 3514 daughterDate Born: 1/16/22Click here for more infoPrice: 209 is out of 4R Katy 1814, a fancy daughter of PF Counsel 643T 3514 that Anna bought to show in 2019 from Rusher’s 4R Ranch . PF Counsel 643T 3514 won senior calf champion-division 2 and was consigned by Pollard […]
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We got all of the cows worked over the weekend.

Meacham 846 Stunner 1007

Meacham 846 Stunner 1007BullSire: BK 1676 Stunner 846Dam: BK Susie 306Date Born: 2/2/21More Info: Click here for more infoPrice: 2,500Meacham 846 Stunner 1007 is Jaxsen’s calf, “Rockin.” Rockin’s dam is a great cow by SAV 004 Predominant 4438 and is out of a BK 1241 Expand 520 daughter. Predominant is a bull that is putting quality back into cow herds. He’s […]
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BK 846 Stunner 107

BK 846 Stunner 107BullSire: BK 1676 Stunner 846Dam: BK Susie 539Date Born: 1/22/21More Info: Click here for more infoPrice: 2,500107’s sire, BK 1676 Stunner 846, is by Musgrave 316 Stunner is one of the most elite acquisitions of the spring 2017 sale season, Stunner was praised by many top cattlemen for his outstanding capacity, body dimension and uncompromised structural design. […]
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Last Week in Pictures – Making up for Last Week