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I have edited the market pics from Benton Franklin Fair and am about half way through showmanship. Thanks Whitney, Deb, Toni and Julian for taking pictures.

Benton Franklin County Fair 2022 – Google Photos here is the album link.

Kaine and Bentley

Kaine and Bentley also did an awesome job at the Benton Franklin Fair. They were reserve champions in Fitting and Showing and got third in their class in market. Kaine bought Bentley from BB Cattle Co.

Anna and Atkins

Anna and Atkins did great at the Benton Franklin fair. They were Grand Champion Showman and they got second in their class in market. Anna also got to participate in the Round Robin. Thank you Don and Sandy Smith for purchasing Atkins. We are proud of all of the members of “Jay Team” and the whole […]
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Kade and Branch

We are very proud of how well Kade and Branch did at the Benton Franklin fair. They went back into the championship drive for Fitting and Showing and received a honroable mention in the judges remarks. Thanks to Three Rivers Potato Storage for buying Kade’s steer. Branch is by BK 9061 Thunderbird 308 and out […]
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Supreme Champion Heifer

Libby was the supreme champion heifer at the Benton Franklin Fair. 549 is our second CC&7 daughter, Kaine has named her Libby. Her dam  is an Expand granddaughter. Sydgen C C & 7 was the top-selling bull of the 2006 SydGen Sale. He recorded the top adjusted 205-day weight of the offering at 840 pounds to ratio 119. As the natural […]
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