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McCall, McKenna, Anna and Ben had a great time at the Nile.

McCall, McKenna, Anna and Ben had a great time at the Nile. Thank you to 3C Cattle for donating Anna’s Nile Merit heifer, she was a great show heifer and Anna had a lot of fun in the program. Here is the album for the Nile pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hpPXS9mQaaunVdAW9

Day 3 and Final Day

McCall and Anna both showed today in the open show, and Anna showed in the Nile Merit Heifer show after. They did not do as well with the open judge as with the Jr judge, however, they both did a great job showing and the heifers looked great. The Nile Merit heifer competition started at […]
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Great Day 2 @ The Nile

Ben, McCall and Anna had a great day 2 at the Nile. Gamora was division champion, Lacey won her class, and 7 was 4th in her class. Open and Nile show tomorrow. Anna had her Nile Merit heifer interview today as well.

Kale and 202

Kale came out and picked his Nile Merit Heifer last night, we are very excited for Kale and 202 (have not heard her name yet). 202 has been one of my favorite heifers all year, so I am glad Kale and I have similar tastes. I do not have a very recent picture of 202, […]
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