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All of Thursday pics have been uploaded.


Kaine and Curly Bill

And last nut not least, Kaine showed Curly Bill at Othello. Curly Bill is out of a Hereford now, 719T, and one of our Angus herd bulls, 826. 826 we used on the hiefers, and he was by BK Hoover dam 507. Good job Kaine and Curly Bill.

Fun in Pomeroy April 10th

We had a great time in Pomeroy last Saturday, thanks to everyone for putting on the great show. However, Toni thinks it should be renamed the Snow Globe.

Gearing up for the 2021 Show Season


Last but not least, time to embarrass Anna. Anna has been a pretty consistent showman, she is not as serious as her cousin Kade, but she has not really ever been a smilier when she shows. I know this year is going to be a hard one for them all, especially Anna, without their beloved […]
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Maybe I should embarrass all three while they are gone? Our little Kade has always been a VERY serious showman, as Jay tells his mother, she is the only thing holding him back. Kade always makes sure he has the eye on the prize, he walks into the show ring and is all business. I […]
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The kids are headed to the Desert Classic with Jay tomorrow, so I will not see them for over 24 hours. So I feel that now is a good time to embarrass one of them. I can honestly tell you that when Kaine was doing this with Winter: I would never see him here: All […]
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This kids had a great time at Wheatland with Jay. Anna’s steer was 8th overall in Market, and they all did great in showmanship.

Day 1 Pictures from Spokane

https://photos.app.goo.gl/xrmGu88wYjNC6rEp9 Most of the day 1 pictures are uploaded, and a few of the Day 2.

Kaine and Rocksteady

Kaine got his steer for Spokane, “Rocksteady,” from BB Cattle Co. He is a really nice Angus/Hereford cross steer. Kaine and Rocksteady did really well at Pomeroy.