Connealy Confidence heifer

339 is a cute December calf by Connealy Confidence who is out of Connealy Tobin and Becka Gala of Conanga 8281. Confidence is the high-selling bull from the 2011 Connealy sale and with his 13 for CED, 40 $W and nearly 80 $B, he’s one of the most unique bulls available in the Angus breed. His blend of style, calving ease potential, genomically-enhanced carcass numbers and a Thunder X Bextor dam that’s truly a model Angus female make Confidence deserving of heavy sampling. 339′s dam is BK Belle 918, a cow that won the Pathfinder cow award from the American Angus Association. 918 is a daughter of BK Equinox 507, who is by Ankonian Equinox. 339 was born 12/18 and has a 71 lb BW. Tesa claims this little heifer.


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