Don’t Kiss the Chicks

There was an interesting article on Grazing the Net today, I think I should tag some people in this article:

We spend a lot of GTN blogspace defending farmers and ranchers and trying to dispel myths created by activists/bloggers/charlatans that the food you produce is unhealthy, destroys the environment and causes flat feet. But when we learned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually had to warn people not to kiss their chickens we realized the bar of low-information eaters is even lower than we imagined. The CDC is blaming a salmonella outbreak on backyard chicken owners for nuzzling their flocks. More than 180 people have been sickened in the U.S. this year by backyard birds, the CDC says, 33 of them requiring hospitalization. Ahhh, but those “natural” eggs are so much better!

By Greg Henderson and Friends


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