Why Ranchers Hate The EPA

By Greg Henderson and Friends
Public relations doesn’t seem to be EPA’s strong suit. They failed miserably with their WOTUS rollout, and now they’ve singled out Wyoming rancher Andy Johnson in what amounts to a David and Goliath battle. EPA claims Johnson owes more than $16 million in fines over a small stock pond he built, and the amount is growing by $37,000 a day. Johnson disputes EPA’s claim and has filed a lawsuit challenging what is called EPA “overreach.” The quarrel began when Johnson built a stock pond on his property near Fort Bridger, Wyo. He obtained the necessary permits and received state approval. But the EPA slapped Johnson with a compliance order that specified he had to return his property to conditions before the stock pond was built. He refused to comply, and that’s when the $37,000 per day fines were levied.
Is anyone else confused? (Beef Today)
Overreach much (WND)
Maybe he should wait until EPA pays their own fines. Remember Colorado? (Fox News)

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