BK Eve 527

527Sep2015BK Eve 527 is by BK 9061 Thunderbird 308 and is out of BK Eve 311. BK 9061 Thunderbird 308 is by S A V Thunderbird 9061. Thunderbird is a high accuracy, proven calving ease sire that you can use with confidence. He adds muscle, length of body and width to his progeny. His daughters are good uddered females that are indexing above average in their respective herds, and this heifer is not going to be any different. BK Eve 311 by Connealy Combination 0188 and is out of BK Eve 117. Connealy Combination 0188, Son of the Rare and Popular Connealy Consensus make him an Outcross to many. He has a big Time Birth-to-Yearling Spread. He has elite Genomically-enhanced Carcass Predictions. Combination’s dam is out of a Connealy Tobin cow. BK Eve 117 is a daughter of 507 and is out of a EXAR Expand 1241 daughter. Click here for more info.

$1800 each or $1500 each if you buy 5 or more

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