BK 4438 Predominanat 503

BK 4438 Predominanat 503 is a great SAV 004 Predominant 4438 bull, and is out of a BK 1241 Expand 520 daughter. Predominant is a bull that is putting quality back into cow herds. He’s a moderate framed bull with loads of muscle and volume making great, easy fleshing cows. Predominant was one of the high selling bulls in the record setting 2005 Schaff Angus Valley Sale where he competed well with a 100 half brothers. While keeping birth weights low, his calves have great thickness and ratio 101 for weaning and 102 for yearling weight. In addition, they are neat through the front end and have superior structure and phenotype. His dam is one of the top donors in the SAV program. 306’s dam, 807, is by a great herd bull that we raised and used for a few year and then sold to Elwyn Fletcher. He was a bull that produced some tremendous heifers and bulls. 807’s dam is a B/R Frontrange 052 daughter. 503 was born 1/6/15 and has an actual BW of 97 lbs. This is a nice big bull with a lot of natural thickness and depth of body. He is long sided and is high growth. Click here for pedigree info. $4,000

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