BK Final Solution 513

BK Final Solution 513 is by a Final Solution son that we kept and used on theirs, he was a great bull with a lot of body. Final Solution is your answer for a proven calving ease sire, his sons were one of the high selling sire groups at Connealy Angus. Daughters won major shows across the country. His pedigree is stacked with proven calving ease sires. He gives you a great outcross pedigree for the In Focus lines of cattle. He was one of the highest bulls for ribeye area in his contemporary group and currently ranks at the top of the breed for REA EPD. This calf’s dam is 239 is a great cow by SAV Thunderbird 9061, Thunderbird was a featured lot and one of the high selling bulls of the record-setting 2010 Schaff Angus Valley Bull Sale, St. Anthony, SD. Thunderbird took top honors as the #1 calving ease bull of the entire calf crop at Schaff Angus Valley. Backed by generations of great females from the Emblynette family established at SAV over 60 years ago. Thunderbird blends the best in phenotype and pedigree with second-to-none EPDs in an attractive and impressive package with depth, thickness and soundness of structure. 239’s dam, 421, is a 1407 daughter out of a Vermillion Yellowstone cow. Yellowstone is one of the top sons of VRD, having sold for $60,000. His progeny have exceptional growth rates and great ultrasound results. Yellowstone ranks in the top 1% for 200, 400 and 600 Day Weight as well as Terminal Sire Index whilst also ranking in the top 5% for Milk. Our calves by him are very deep bodied with superb tops and hip structure. He was born 1/27/15 and has a 75 lb actual BW. Click here for more info. $3,000

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