Meacham California 5008

Meacham California 5008 is a daughter of BK Combination 302 who is by Connealy Combination 0188, son of the Rare and Popular Connealy Consensus make him an Outcross to many. He has a big Time Birth-to-Yearling Spread. He has elite Genomically-enhanced Carcass Predictions. Combination’s dam is out of a Connealy Tobin cow. 611’s dam is BK Ms Blackcap 233, a daughter of Connealy Combination 0100. Connealy  Confidence is out of Connealy Tobin and Becka Gala of Conanga 8281. Confidence is the high-selling bull from the 2011 Connealy sale and with his 13 for CED, 40 $W and nearly 80 $B. 233’s dam is 015, who is by BB 004 Traveler 7049 who is a son of SAV 8180 Traveler 004. 015 is out of a Connection daughter. Connection is a long time favorite of the SydGen herd sires for the pleasing disposition of his progeny combined with a high level of fertility and structural soundness. Meacham California 5008’s dam is by Hoover dam J43. She was born 3/5/15. She is bred to a son of Connealy Confidence 0100 that is out of an Expand daughter. $2,000, if you take all the bred heifers $1,800 each. There are 11 total, 9 registered heifers and 2 Angus cross heifers.


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