SAV Raindance 6848 Son

BK Randance 955 is a fancy bull calf by SAV Raindance 6848 and out of a BK Danny Boy 908 daughter. Raindance’s progeny have captured the attention of the Angus world and have put him on the fast track to stardom. Raindance sons and daughters have been the talk among top breeders across the country. “They are stunners – extra long, deep-bodied and stout-rumped with all the power, performance and presence you can put in one package,” said Kelly Schaff. Raindance is the perfect outcross option for many popular lines of cattle to add body length, eye appeal and the maternal power of the great Blackcap May 4136. This is Anna’s calf, “Theodore.” 955 was born 12/14/2019. Click here for pedigree info.

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