BK 209 Coleman Knight 034

BK 209 Coleman Knight 034 is a fancy bull calf by Coleman Knight 209 and a BK Danny Boy 908 daughter. Knight is as sound a bull as you will find, very easy fleshing, moderate framed, with a big scrotal. He has extremely good feet, is very athletic and has a lot of natural width. Great disposition. BK Danny Boy 908 is a son of Connealy Danny Boy. Everyone loves their Danny Boy calves; their calves come really light and show excellent growth. They are really sharp and eye appealing with a lot of show potential if that is what you are looking for. We have been really happy with his calves and they are consistently calving ease calves. With the combination this is a calf with a great number spread, low birth weight and high growth. He was born 12/01/2020 and has an actual BW of 62 lb. Click here for pedigree info.  

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