BK 3023 Justified 035

BK 3023 Justified 035 is by KG Justified 3023 and out of a  Musgrave 316 Stunner daughter. Stunner is one of the most elite acquisitions of the spring 2017 sale season, Stunner was praised by many top cattlemen for his outstanding capacity, body dimension and uncompromised structural design. KG Justified 3023 has gained the admiration of cattlemen worldwide as a sire of body mass, muscle, foot and udder quality and phenotypic power.  As impressive as his sons are Justified’s greatest attribute is likely his broody, easy-keeping, highly productive daughters. He is definitely an udder improver. The daughters have tight, balanced udders with excellent teat size and plenty of milk. Justified offers a unique combination of calving ease, sustainable growth and carcass quality combined with docility and heifer pregnancy making him a true genetic breed leader. 035 was born 12/1/20 and has an actual BW of 72 lbs. Click here for pedigree info.  

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