BK Summit 045

Here is another great heifer bull prospect, BK Summit 045 is by ZWT Summitt 6507 and out of a S A V Platinum 0010 daughter. Summitt is a unique sire that combines two of the most prolific and well-known cows in the Angus breed, S A V Blackcap May 4136 and Coleman Donna 714! He was the high selling bull in the ZWT Ranch Sale and the selection of Coleman Angus to incorporate S A V Renown with the great Donna lineage. Summitt is dense bodied and masculine headed, with an expansive rib cage and exceptional muscling. Summitt daughters continue to be highlights throughout Fall female sales where they have captured the attention of buyers at prominent programs as Pine Coulee Angus and Coleman Angus in Montana. Platinum was one of the featured AI stud prospects at the record setting 2011 Schaff Angus Valley Sale in ND. He offered one of the largest spreads for birth ratio to weaning ratio of his entire calf crop. He began with a 77 pound birth weight and weaned at nearly 1000 pounds. A long bodied, deep ribbed bull, he should sire the “keeping kind” of females. 045 was born 12/9/20. Click here for more information.

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