Heifer by WERNER FLAT TOP 4136

BK Horseshoe Pride 158
Dam: Sydgen C C & 7 daughter
Date Born: 12/14/21
More Info: 
This is a cute and stylish heifer by Werner Flat Top. FLAT TOP is a dependable Calving Ease sire who consistently delivers exceptional growth and eye-catching phenotype. He exceeds his sire, Black Granite, for frame size and length of body; impressive to all that have seen him. Maternal strength is braided into his pedigree; his dam consistently transmits exceptional phenotype while backing it up with stellar production records. 158’s dam is a daughter of CC&7, who was the top-selling bull of the 2006 SydGen Sale. He recorded the top adjusted 205-day weight of the offering at 840 pounds to ratio 119. As the natural calf to the first and only Corona daughter in production at SydGen in 2006, CC & 7 went on to post the top ADG at 3.92 to ratio 124, the top adjusted 365-day weight at 1,467 to ratio 121, and the top adjusted URE measurement at 17.3 sq. in. to ratio 130.

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