Fancy Bull by BK Equinox 904

BK Horseshoe Equinox 169
BW: 82
Sire: BK Equinox 904
Dam:  Musgrave Big Sky daughter
Date Born: 12/20/21
More Info: For more info click here
Price: 4000
This growthy bull calf is out of WCA Wendy 8338, a Musgrave Big Sky daughter. Musgrave Big Sky is a high marbling score genetics from a powerful performance package. With a Calving Ease Direct EPD among the top third of the population as of this writing, this top 10% sire for Weaning Weight EPD, $Weaned calf value index and $Feedlot value index has. BK Equinox 904 is by Ankonian Equinox, “EQ”, a bull that was owned by BB Cattle Co. EQ was a tremendous bull that consistently produced outstanding heifers and bulls. His daughters were very maternal, had great temperaments, were structurally sound and had great udders.

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