Bull by HF Long Shot 71D

BW: 71
Sire: HF Long Shot 71D
Dam: BK Hoover Dam 507 daughter
Date Born: 12/07/21
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Price: $3500
This bull has a bold rib shape, popping profile and free structure, combined with unique depth and capacity. His sire, Long Shot, was a standout in the 2017 Denver for Hamilton Farms and one of the most talked about bulls in the yards. Derived from the popular Cash son “Hot Lotto, and stemming from the Evening Tinge cow family, Long Shot is a calving ease sire. BK Hoover Dam 507 is by Hoover Dam, who is the people’s choice of bulls. Hoover Dam has proven genetics – predictable calving ease, eye appeal and superior thickness, with exceptional docility. HOOVER DAM offers proven calving ease, eye appeal, power and thickness in a moderate framed package. Deep bodied, moderate framed, easy fleshing progeny with tremendous structure and eye appeal have made HOOVER DAM into a featured sire in sales across the country.

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