BK Horseshoe Equinox 161

BK Horseshoe Equinox 161
BW: 66
Sire: BK Equinox 904
Dam:  Sitz Response 405C daughter
Date Born: 12/14/21
More Info: Click here for more info
Price: $3000
Another nice bull calf out of a Sitz Response 405C daughter. Response is a powerful Resource son from the dam of Sitz Investment that we expect to add muscle, fore rib and base width. Sort Response in the Angus database for the traits of merit, including his combination of growth, mature weight and height…he is unique! He will see heavy use in the Hilltop, Sitz and KG programs in Montana last spring. BK Equinox 904 is by Ankonian Equinox, “EQ”, a bull that was owned by BB Cattle Co. EQ was a tremendous bull that consistently produced outstanding heifers and bulls. His daughters were very maternal, had great temperaments, were structurally sound and had great udders.

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