Meacham Knight 1018

Meacham Knight 1018
BW: 62 WW: 644 YW 882
Sire: Coleman Knight 209
Dam:  Baldridge Breakthrough A091 daughter
Date Born: 12/14/21
More Info: Click here for more info
Price: $3500
Here is a fancy bull by Coleman Knight 209 and a Baldridge Breakthrough A091 daughter. Knight is as sound a bull as you will find, very easy fleshing, moderate framed, with a big scrotal. He has extremely good feet, is very athletic and has a lot of natural width. Great disposition. Breakthrough to a new level of multi-trait excellence. Breakthrough has one of the most complete EPD tabulations in the entire breed, capable of moving your herd forward for every economically relevant trait measured. He is as appealing in the pasture as he is on paper. A masculine, big-ribbed, long-bodied bull, that will add muscle in a structurally correct package.

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