Happy National Ag Day


Almost all of us take agriculture for granted. National Ag Day is arranged by the Agriculture Council of America. This is a non-profit organization that comprises all the leaders in the agriculture and food community. This day is observed to honor the efforts of people related to agriculture and promote awareness about these efforts amongst people.

It is that day of the year when all the producers, agriculture organizations, universities, corporations, and government departments take out some time to recognize the greatness of agriculture. 

National Ag Day was founded by the Agriculture Council of America in 1973. The first National Ag Day was celebrated by the ACA in 1979. Since then the ACA has put efforts into creating awareness about the role of agriculture in modern society. So even if we are not involved in agriculture, we should learn about how our food and fiber are produced, as well as how agriculture provides us with safe, abundant, and useful products. Another important thing that agriculture provides us with is employment opportunities. Therefore, we should also acknowledge the career opportunities in the field of agriculture.” – NationalToday

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