Calving Ease Deluxe Bull calf by Connealy Emerald

BK Emerald 237
BW: 73
Sire: Connealy Emerald
Dam: KG Justified 3023 daughter
Date Born: 12/06/22
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237is going to be a thick, powerful, calving ease bull. His sire is the top selling bull from the 2019 Connealy spring bull sale where he was admired for his soundness, body mass and performance, combined with a 143 IMF ratio and a 117 RE ratio. He is exactly what Angus breeders are seeking right now, multi-trait balance with strong maternal and phenotypic quality. 237’s dam is a KG JUSTIFIED 3023 daughter, who is a double-digit calving-ease option with high profit potential for commercial cattlemen, this maternal bull offers breed-leading $W and outcross opportunities. Calves offer extra muscle shape and definition

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