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Another great Horseshoe Angus Steer at Othello Fair

Adrian did a great job showing Anti Venom at the Othello Fair. Anti Venmo is out of a CC&7 daughter and by a Hereford bull. They made it back to the championship round in showmanship. Good job Adrian.

Hauling Steers in today to CBJLS, come and check out these wonderful kids.

Last Week in Pictures

BK 808 Direct Deposit 004

BK 808 Direct Deposit 004 was born January 2, 2020, he is by BK Direct Deposit 808 and out of a S A V 004 Predominant 4438 daughter, 633. BK Direct Deposit 808 is by KR Direct Deposit and is out of BK Lassie 337. Direct Deposit is a moderate framed, stylish Cash son. He’s […]
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Grass & Grain Fed Beef

We have a limited amount of grass fed available out of our freezer, it is $5.70/lb for a mixture of cuts, half of the purchase must me hamburger. We have a few more grass fed going in the end of July. Contact us for more information, you can also go to our beef website:https://got-beef.net/ We […]
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Last Week in Pictures

Beef for Sale

If anyone needs beef now, let me know, we have a couple of steers we can push and get in in the next few weeks. They will be grain fed at 2.75/lb hanging weight. We will also have 1 grain fed Angus/Hereford beef available in May, he is an extra show steers. 2.75 hanging weight, […]
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We have one and a half extra show steers left. They are at McCarys waiting for cutting instructions. 2.60/lb hanging weight, you pay cutting and wrapping and part or all of kill fee (depending on if you get all or half). Their brothers are shown below. One brother was Reserve Champion in the carcass competition.

New research published in Obesity Science & Practice shows that lean beef, as part of a healthy and higher-protein diet, can help people lose weight while maintaining muscle and a healthy heart. [1] “The Beef WISE Study: Beef’s Role in Weight Improvement, Satisfaction, and Energy,” conducted at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center with a […]
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More Heifer moving Pictures