Yearling Connealy Final Solution Bull

307 is another great bull by Connealy Final Solution. Connealy Final Solution is a great bull by Connealy Answer 71 and out of a Danny Boy daughter. Final Solution’s first calf crop is outstanding and he has been used extensively in the Connealy and Cherry Knoll herds. He was one of the highest bulls for REA in his contemporary group. His pedigree is stacked with proven calving ease sires. Final Solution is the calving ease sire who will give you the “look” you’ve been searching for. 307′s dam is BK Chiquita 124, who is a daughter of 507 and is out of a EXAR Expand 1241 daughter. We have really been impressed with these Expand cows. They are very maternal and have great utters. Expand was the second highest selling bull of his calf crop at the Express Ranches bull sale and the top-selling bull of the Toebben Triple T Dispersal, Expand ranks among the top 30 proven sires in the Spring 2006 NSE Report for IMF EPD offering the Number 3 YEPD, the Number 4 WEPD  and the number 3 $B among proven sons of New Design 1407. Expand ranks among the top 1% of active Angus sires for $B index and ranks in the top 3% for YEPD, IMF and $F index while ranking in the top 5% for WEPD and in the top 15% for $G and the top 20% for $W index. He is an actual BW of 75 lbs and was bor 1/8/13. $3500

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