Vegan Lobster: Double Dose of Dumb

I saw this on Grazing the Net and thought it was funny.

By Greg Henderson and Friends
Vegan Lobster: Double Dose of Dumb
Here at Grazing the Net, we have no fundamental beef with vegans. Seriously—do what you like. Live and let live. But when it comes to an abomination called “vegan lobster,” we can’t help but weigh in. We found out about vegan lobster thanks to an unfortunate accident involving former NFL star Warren Sapp. The legendary No. 99 was briefly in danger of getting “86’d” when he was bitten by a shark during a recent lobster-hunting excursion. Sapp recovered just fine, thank you very much, but turns out PETA was more worried about the lobsters. The group sent him a “delicious vegan lobster” and a get-well card that read in part: “Despite that nasty bite, it’s humans who rank as the deadliest predator of all. We hope you look after yourself, so we invite you to tackle any health problems with vegan foods and to be a champion of lobsters.” According to Reddit, vegan lobster is typically made from some combination of wheat protein, soy protein, pea protein and or yam flour. “Don’t ask where the fish smell comes from,” one cheeky commenter advises. Another thing—isn’t the best part of eating lobster dunking it in clarified butter? So you’d have to serve vegan lobster with a side of vegan butter. Talk about a double dose of dumb for dinner…
Fish are friends, not food? (
How to cook vegan lobster. Step 1: watch the lobster swim away. (Reddit)

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