Adding Protein

News Update

August 3, 2016

Adding Protein

Across the country, state beef industry councils work together with the national checkoff to promote beef products, educate consumers and invest in industry-leading research. Mark Russell, executive director for the Missouri Beef Industry Council, cites an interesting study from the University of Missouri that explores how adding meat protein into the diet at breakfast could make big impacts on health — especially for the nation’s youth.

“This year we’re finding, really, an interesting project in Missouri that is looking at the importance of meat protein in the diet, more specifically at breakfast time,” Russell says. “We’ve got a nutrition scientist named Dr. Heather Leidy at the University of Missouri that has a hypothesis that if we can get 30 grams of protein into teenagers’ bodies in the morning, that we will drastically drop juvenile diabetes. We will help juvenile obesity as we know it in our country today.”

Leidy’s research will be finalized this fall.

For more, tune into this week’s The Angus Report online. You can also watch the show at 1:30 p.m. CST Saturday and 7 a.m. CST each Monday morning on RFD-TV.

— Adapted from The Angus Report
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