Grazing the Net

Per the norm, Grazing the net had some very interesting articles yesterday:

By Greg Henderson and Friends
A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothingsheep
What happens when a farm girl kicks her boots off to blend in with radical activists at an animal rights conference? Laura Bardot, a junior at University of Missouri, has spent the summer interning with the Animal Agriculture Alliance, which led her to attending HSUS’ Taking Action for Animals Conference, and Farm Animal Rights Movement’s 2016 National Animal Rights Conference. There, she lived incognito, attending sessions such as “The Spirituality of Veganism.” Aside from finding it painful to clap for speakers spouting off lies about animal agriculture, she found a lot of insight in the experience. “I learned that most of the animal activists will believe the lies of “factory farming” without ever hearing the truth from farmers themselves,” Bardot says, adding that tactics used to spy on farmers are ruthless and unethical. “From drones, telephoto camera lenses, body cameras and the use of the Freedom of Information Act, activists are willing to stop at nothing to “free” the animals.”
When a farm kid goes to an animal rights conference…
Reflections from the Animal Rights National Conference: what can we learn
Dog Days for Feedlots150622_gmoHero_jpg_CROP_fresca2-xlarge
If environmentalists pushing for a global GMO ban are truly doing it for the “protection” of mankind and the environment, they might want to rethink their agenda when putting a pencil to paper at what it will do to world food prices. According to Wally Tyner, a professor at Purdue University, consumers could pay an additional $49 billion on their grocery bill if there was a global ban on GMOs. Greenhouse gas emissions are also projected to increase—more than three times the amount of the entire U.S. biofuels program, “Because you need more land [to produce the same amount of food], you’d have to convert pasture or forest land,” Tyner says. “That means you increase greenhouse gas emissions.”
Global GMO ban might not make environmentalists as happy as they think (Drovers)


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