By Greg Henderson and Friends
Pinocchio Beef

It’s no secret we’re supportive of folks who produce and sell beef. At the same time, we think you have a right to know about those who would promote their product by ridiculing yours. That’s where Pete Maldonado, Founder and CEO of CHOMPS Snack Sticks fails the smell test. Pete’s a beef lover and says he grew up “eating Slim Jims,” which is a competitor of CHOMPS. How does a startup compete with Slim Jims? Well, Pete says he “wanted to create a healthy grass-fed version of those jerky snacks, without all of the garbage.” Then Pete built a website and writes a blog that confirms he needs a slap in the face with a manure-laden tail. Here’s a snippet of Pete’s blog that put the bur under our saddle blanket. Describing feedlots, Pete says cattle are “shoved into small pens—nose to tail—and never allowed to go outside, walk around, and graze. It’s not surprising that the animals got weaker and sicker and needed bigger doses of antibiotics to fight disease.” Then he suggests this is the “kind of beef that can make you sick. These days, a steak or hamburger arrives on your plate filled with pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones, and antibiotics.” We give Pete’s blog 5 Pinocchios.
Something doesn’t smell right (Go Chomps)
Cow pies are filled with less crap than this blog (Go Chomps)
Let’s get our facts straight, folks
(Facts About Beef)

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