Monkey See, Monkey Sue

This was just too funny not to share.

By Greg Henderson and Friends
Monkey See, Monkey Sue
Need evidence misled Americans have thrown too much money at PETA? The monkey lawsuit provides all you need to know about PETA’s over-stuffed coffers. Five years ago in the jungle of Indonesia, a black-crested macaque monkey grabbed photographer David Slater’s camera and began taking photos. One of the photos became known as the “monkey selfie,” and has kept Slater and his lawyers busy. PETA claimed that the photo’s copyright belongs to the monkey, including any monetary gains the image may receive. Eventually a judge agreed with Slater, saying an animal cannot own a copyright. Should be case over. Except, PETA is appealing the decision, claiming, “…protection under the Copyright Act does not depend on the humanity of the author, but on the originality of the work itself.”
What happens when you give morons money (Digital Trends)
Peculiar case of the ‘monkey selfie’ (DT)

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