Panera’s Lame Game

By Greg Henderson and Friends
Panera Bread “Land of Clean”


Panera Bread “Land of Clean”

A group of young food scientists operate “Don’t Eat the Pseudoscience” a website dedicated to flagging stupid behavior by food companies determined to scare consumers. In the crosshairs of these millennial food scientists is Panera Bread, whose consumer marketing tactics rely on scare and confuse. Think Chipotle on steroids. Panera published its list of no-nos last year, the artificial ingredients it eliminated from its food. This year it launched “The Land of Clean,” an animated game that feeds the pseudoscience madness. In Panera’s animation, the food is “untouched by artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and colors from artificial sources.” In response, the folks at Don’t Eat the Pseudoscience created their own video to explain why these chemicals aren’t bad and how they already naturally occur in your food products.
Don’t Eat Pseudoscience!
Panera’s on the ‘no-no’ list (Panera Bread)
‘Untouched’ foods (YouTube)

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