Meacham 308 Thunderbird 6003

Meacham 308 Thunderbird 6003 is by our Thunderbird son, BK Thunderbird 308, and he is out of Meacham Betty 4003, a daughter of SITZ Great Plain 577T. SAV Thunderbird 9061,  was a featured lot and one of the high selling bulls of the record-setting 2010 Schaff Angus Valley Bull Sale, St. Anthony, SD. Thunderbird took top honors as the #1 calving ease bull of the entire calf crop at Schaff Angus Valley; recording a BW EPD of -0.9 with a 66# active; birth weight and a weaning EPD in the breed’s top 1% and a yearling EPD in the breed’s top 2%. He earned a 205-day weight of 944 lbs for a weaning ratio of 104, as his dam’s first calf. Backed by generations of great females from the Emblynette family established at SAV over 60 years ago. Thunderbird stacks the breed leading genetics of the popular calving ease sire, SAV Final Answer and SAV Bismarck. Thunderbird blends the best in phenotype and pedigree with second-to-none EPDs in an attractive and impressive package with depth, thickness and soundness of structure. Meacham Betty 4003 is a really nice cow with a lot of maternal instincts. He was born 1/18/16. He has a BW of 70 lbs and a weaning weight of 720 lbs. $2,500 Click here for more info.

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