BK Direct Deposit 811

BK Direct Deposit 811 is by KR Direct Deposit and is out of BK Ms Blackcap 303. Direct Deposit is a moderate framed, stylish Cash son. He’s a moderate birth weight, calving ease sire with a world of performance. He adjusted 862 at weaning and over 1500 at a year. Use him to add muscle shape, performance and phenotype to your next calf crop. He was a member of the Kreb’s Ranch Denver carload. His dam has been a donor in the Kreb’s Ranch program. BK Ms Blackcap 303 is a great cow by SAV 004 Predominant 4438 and is out of a SAF Connection daughter. Predominant is a bull that is putting quality back into cow herds. He’s a moderate framed bull with loads of muscle and volume making great, easy fleshing cows. 303’s dam, 5016, is a great, moderate framed cow that is by Conection and is out of a cow that is a BB 4008 Krugerrand 7158 daughter. Connection is a long time favorite of the SydGen herd sires for the pleasing disposition of his progeny combined with a high level of fertility and structural soundness. This is a bull that has a stacked pedigree and is going to make a growth bull. He was born 1/10/18. He has an actual BW of 98 lbs. $3,000

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