Jack Frost

BK 71D Long Shot 040, “Jack Frost,” is another one of Kaine’s bull calves. He is by HF Long Shot 71D and out of a SAV Platinum 0010 daughter. Long Shot was a standout in the 2017 Denver for Hamilton Farms and one of the most talked about bulls in the yards. His bold rib, popping profile and free structure, combined with unique depth and capacity, make him a superior sire. Derived from the popular Cash son “Hot Lotto, and stemming from the Evening Tinge cow family, Long Shot is a calving ease sire. If your goals include forage adaptability and fleshing ability in rugged country, Long Shot should be on your radar. Platinum was one of the featured AI stud prospects at the record setting 2011 Schaff Angus Valley Sale in ND.He offered one of the largest spreads for birth ratio to weaning ratio of his entire calf crop. He began with a 77 pound birth weight and weaned at nearly 1000 pounds. A long bodied, deep ribbed bull, he should sire the “keeping kind” of females. 040 was born 12/6 and has a 75 lb actual BW. Click here for pedigree info.

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